What Does the Tayrona’s Wealth Strategies Programme Stand for?

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Tayrona Capital uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security to all its partners and clients.

Through the use of a Multifactor Authentication sign-in process, Tayrona makes sure to verify the identity of its partners and clients through a security token and a fingerprint system comprising a fingerprint reader, a verification software, and fingerprint data incorporated in specialized devices.


For Tayrona it is crucial to protect the information of all its partners, clients, and suppliers. This is made through the use of a cutting-edge technology, thus carrying out the operational and financial transactions of the company through the most secure systems available.

Global Business

With an outstanding track record spanning over 50 years, our company has now presence in several countries worldwide, taking part in the operation of more than 200 hospitality luxury hospitality projects. Tayrona Capital, as your partner, will go with you wherever you are, our main address is the world!

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